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BlueFlag Security provides multi-layer defense, protecting developer identities and their tools throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

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BlueFlag Security provides multi-layer defense
Identity-centric SDLC security

Identities — the most 
overlooked attack vector

Don't let uncontrolled developer and machine identities become the Achilles' heal of your software supply chain. Weaknesses in these identities create a backdoor for attackers. BlueFlag seamlessly integrates identity security across the SDLC safeguarding your code, tools, and infrastructure.

SDLC Security
Sanitize poor hygiene

poor hygiene

BlueFlag enforces strong identity hygiene by deactivating off-boarded users, managing personal access tokens, and restricting direct access to developer tools and repositories.

Reduce risky behavior

risky behavior

BlueFlag's ensures early detection and prevention of insider threats and unauthorized privileged escalation by continuously monitoring behavior patterns across the CI/CD.

Advanced identity intelligence

Securing developer identities, tools, and code

BlueFlag leverages AI-driven insights and prioritizes identity security to address critical gaps left by traditional security tools, creating a unified defense against software supply chain attacks and mitigating risks across the development lifecycle.

Beyond the code

the code

BlueFlag delivers a unified, context-rich view across all SDLC attack vectors - developer identities, tools, and code - ensuring visibility without blind spots.

Identity-first approach


BlueFlag harnesses its patented AI/ML-powered Identity Intelligence framework to accelerate risk mitigation and ensure continuous compliance.

Advanced Identity Intelligence

Intuitive, automated & comprehensive

Empowering development with a holistic security approach, ensuring a protected, compliant, and optimized SDLC.

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Comprehensive risk visibility
Developer tool posture management
Prioritized threat detection & remediation
Developer tool posture management

Developer tool
posture management

Remediate misconfigurations and ensure alignment with CI/CD best practices to safeguard your development toolchain.

Developer tool posture management
Prioritized threat detection & remediation

Prioritized threat detection & remediation

Transform alert fatigue into actionable intelligence by addressing the most critical threats across the SDLC, enabling quick and efficient remediation.

Prioritized threat detection & remediation
Continuous compliance


Ensure your SDLC remains compliant with evolving regulations and best practices, relieving your security and DevOps teams from the burden.

Continuous compliance

"BlueFlag represents a game-changer in the SDLC security and governance landscape. Their platform tackles the holy grail of securing the developer landscape: seamlessly integrating identity security, code scanning, and developer tool posture management."

Maverick Ventures

Matt Kinsella

Managing Director, Maverick Ventures

"With BlueFlag’s innovative solution, security teams can feel confident that code is being built in a safe environment, with continuous risk management and up to compliance standards."


Alex Doll

Founder and Managing Member Ten Eleven Ventures

"Their platform addresses the need for end-to-end SDLC governance, seamlessly integrating essential aspects like identity security, code scanning, and developer tool posture management. This unified approach strengthens security and optimizes development processes, making BlueFlag a valuable asset in the evolving cybersecurity landscape."


Frank Timons

CEO, Pier 88 Investment Partners

"By continuously monitoring and analyzing developer identities throughout the software development lifecycle, BlueFlag's solution holds immense potential for mitigating risks, ensuring adherence to regulations, and fostering a trust-based development environment that caters to the needs of security, governance, and compliance professionals."

Dr Zero Trust

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Cybersecurity Strategist and Host, DrZeroTrust podcast

"Their comprehensive solution effectively addresses these concerns, managing issues like excessive permissions, unauthorized access, and behavioral red flags across human and machine identities. BlueFlag is instrumental in strengthening an organization’s overall SDLC security posture and fostering a more secure development environment."


Prabhath Karanth

SVP, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Greenlight

Secure development by the numbers


of codebases contain open-source vulnerabilities


of attacks exploit identity credentials


alerts from dev tools are false positives

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