Secure software development from code to production

Advance SDLC security and governance with BlueFlag Security Identity Intelligence framework

Identity governance


Secure identities, safeguard your development environment

Empower your organization to effectively remove excessive permissions, strengthen identity hygiene, and reduce risky behavior with the BlueFlag Security platform, designed for human and machine developer identities.

Secure developer identities
Expose identity threats
Automate identity hygiene
Secure identities, safeguard your dev environment
Identity-first approach

Utilize BlueFlag’s AI/ML Identity Intelligence framework to actively mitigate identity risks and avoid compliance drift.

Prioritized risk visibility

Gain critical identity insights, ranked by priority, safeguarding against unauthorized access, insider threats, and misconfigurations.

Threat detection & remediation

Turn alert fatigue into actionable intelligence quickly addressing identity threats for effective remediation.

Identity behavior analysis

Uncover hidden risks by analyzing identity activity patterns, behavior and anomalies.

CI/CD governance


Fortify your developers' toolchain

Proactively validate the posture of developer tools with continuous monitoring, pinpointing misconfigurations and aligning with CI/CD best practices.

Fix tool misconfigurations
Prevent tool misuse
Streamline DevSecOps
Fortify your developers' toolchain
Continuous monitoring

Uncover misconfigurations across the developer toolchain including source code management tools, CI/CD pipelines and container registries.

Prioritized DevSecOps alerts

Highlight and contextualize critical security issues to cut through false positives for your team.

Automated remediation workflows

Streamline remediation with customizable policy templates that enforce best practices across your organization.

Standardized security

Uniformly apply consistent security best practices and policies to minimize the risk of human error.

Open-Source Software Governance


Find and fix critical
open-source vulnerabilities

Continuously scan application code to identify and prioritize critical open source vulnerabilities for streamlined remediation.

Secure OSS code
Prioritize code risks
Unmask hidden secrets
Find and fix critical open-source vulnerabilities
vulnerability monitoring

Identify and alert on new open-source software risks and vulnerabilities, with easy to sue customizable policies.

Automated SBOM generation

Generate and maintain up-to-date SBOMs in industry-standard formats mapped to code dependencies and build containers.

Secrets management

Continuously scan and remediate hardcoded secrets using workflows integrated with issue tracking software, and CI/CD pipelines.

Package health analytics

Predict open-source software security risks by evaluating contributor reputations and historical safety records of packages.

Continuous SDLC compliance

Continuous SDLC compliance by design

Stay compliant

Embeds industry standards into development environments through secure-by-design processes without overburdening teams.

Automate compliance checks
Streamline audit evidence
Audit-ready reports
Stay compliant
Framework alignment

Simplify adherence to ISO 27001, NIST 800-218, SOC2 and more by mapping and optimizing CI/CD processes to critical compliance controls.

Frictionless compliance

Easily assess current and historical data to demonstrate adherence to regulatory policies and internal standards.

On-demand audit reporting

Instantly create customized compliance reports for auditors with just a click, from detailed analyses to executive summaries.

Full-spectrum compliance

Ensure comprehensive compliance across identities, developer tools, and open-source software to manage all CI/CD risks.

Secure your software development life cycle