Raj Mallempati

Raj Mallempati

June 13, 2024


In an era where software supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common, maintaining a robust security posture throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is more critical than ever. To address this need, the integration of BlueFlag Security with Atlassian's Compass provides a powerful solution for comprehensive developer governance and compliance in a centralized developer experience platform.

Introducing BlueFlag Security

BlueFlag Security extends Atlassian Compass's vision of being the "Mission Control" for development teams by incorporating advanced security governance and compliance features. This integration delivers a multi-layered, unified defense strategy that combines identity security with traditional software risk management and developer tool posture management.

Key Features

  1. AI/ML-Based Activity Intelligence Framework: BlueFlag Security’s Activity Intelligence framework offers advanced insights and governance capabilities across all developer identities and software components, ensuring compliance with the strictest standards. This results in a secure, efficient, and reliable development environment that prioritizes identity security, enhances code integrity, and ensures proper tool configurations.
  2. Identity and Privilege Correlation: The platform uses AI/ML to correlate identities with privilege levels and activity patterns, providing insights into inferred component owner teams. This helps in normalizing and understanding the comprehensive security posture of development teams.
  3. Comprehensive Metrics and Scores:
    NIST 800-218 SSDF Compliance Score: This score provides visibility into compliance trends over time, ensuring adherence to critical security standards.
    Over-privilege Score: This metric helps identify contributors with excessive permissions, aiding in the reduction of unnecessary access privileges.
  4. Detailed Security and Compliance Insights:
    Component-Level Analysis: The BlueFlag Security application deployed within your components allows for detailed visibility into security and compliance metrics. You can drill down into the Over-privilege Score to identify contributors with excessive permissions or examine the Compliance Score to identify specific NIST 800-218 control failures.

Benefits of Integration

  • Enhanced Security Posture: By integrating BlueFlag Security with Compass, development teams gain access to advanced security and governance insights directly from their Source Code Management tools alongside CI/CD events, metrics, and scorecards.
  • Improved Compliance: The integration ensures compliance with stringent standards through continuous monitoring and detailed reporting alongside other organizational standards in one unified location.
  • Streamlined Governance: With real-time visibility into security metrics, teams can proactively manage and improve their security posture. Compass scorecards give teams complete visibility across their catalog of services.
  • Efficient Permissions Management: The Over-privilege Score aids in identifying and rectifying excessive permissions, ensuring that access is granted based on necessity and role requirements.

Getting Started

To get started with the BlueFlag Security-Compass Integration:

  1. Onboard the BlueFlag Security Platform: Begin by onboarding BlueFlag within your Compass environment.
  2. Integrate with Source Code Management Tools: Ensure that your Source Code Management tools are integrated to import components and start receiving advanced security insights.
  3. Explore Metrics and Insights: Utilize the published NIST 800-218 Compliance Score and Over-privilege Score to monitor and manage your security and compliance posture.
  4. Create Scorecards and turn Insight into Action: Define and apply your standards across your software catalog so teams know exactly how to improve security.


BlueFlag Security, integrated with Atlassian Compass, provides a robust solution for comprehensive developer governance and compliance across the SDLC, all within a unified software catalog. By leveraging advanced AI/ML-based insights and detailed security metrics, development teams can maintain a secure, compliant, and efficient development environment.


This blog post provides an overview of the BlueFlag Security-Compass Integration, highlighting its features, benefits, and how it enhances security and compliance across the SDLC. Whether you are a developer, a security professional, or a project manager, this integration is designed to streamline and fortify your development processes.